“Generate more qualified leads that want to buy from you without any pushy closes or tactics”

                (And grow your business for long term success)


One on One Training

Work one on one with an experienced sales trainer to maximize your sales abilities in nearly any industry!

Sales Team Training

A customized sales training program tailored to boost a sales teams performance. See how we grow sales teams and increase results!

Sales Team Training

Help grow your company revenue by increasing your team’s sales output immediately. 

One on One Training

Personalized one on one sales training. Delivered in-person or through a virtual setting. 

Public Speaking

Book a sales trainer to deliver specialized training at your next sales meeting or confrence. 

Real Estate Sales Training

Learn how we help real estate agent sell more houses and land more listings. 

What Is Sales Training?

Successful selling is a learned skill and PointOne exists to  help salespeople in different industries master the art of closing deals. We use a proven system to train and coach salespeople to achieve the results they want. Our programs are results focused and develop critical sales skills that boosts revenue and grows individuals income. Sales coaching is the fastest way to join the top sales performers in any market. 

Who Is Sales Training For?


Our sales development programs are designed to boost results for anyone in a  “results-focused” position. We work with real estate sales people, contractors (think plumbers, carpenter, electricians), insurance agents, lawyers, SAAS, B2B, and nearly all sales related industries. Sales coaching is for any person or company whose income/revenue is directly depended on successfully selling a product or service.  You might be suprised how we can help you. 


What is The Process Like?

Our process is streamlined to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Our accelerated sales mastery program can be completed in just 7 weeks. Meetings can be scheduled in person (within our service area) or delivered digitally in a one on one video conference. You will master skills like lead generation, appointment setting, delivering persuasive presentations, selling on value and not price, overcoming tough objections, closing the deal, and many other vital skills to rise above your competition.    

1. Lead Generation.
Learn advanced prospecting techniques to get more leads than your competition. Master skills like cold calling, canvassing, digital marketing, networking, social media, and many more. 
2. Uncover Pain Points.
Customers do not like sales presentations that solve problems they don’t have. To deliver and effective presentation you must first know what their pain points and desires are. Use proven power questions illicit creative responses with valuable information so you can tailor a complling presentation that actually solves the problems they face. 
3. Delivering Solutions.
Customers today buy solutions, not products or services. Learn how to develop a presentation that focuses on value and not price. Show your customers why your solution is the best option because it solves the problems they have. 
4. Closing and Negotiating.
Anyone in sales has heard these words before “It just costs too much”. Learn how to shift the focus away from price and focus on value. Negotiate with power when selling high priced products and services and close deals that others can’t. If you don’t earn their business, you just presented for another salesperson who will earn it. 
5. Business Skills.
Our 11 week course takes sales coaching a step further with business skills that accelerate entreprenuers into sucess. Have you ever set a goal that you didnt achieve? Using a proven goal setting process, you can learn how to set goals with a system designed to ensure you achieve them within the timeframe you set.  

Innovation Kits

Sales Skills Analysis

Find out where your strengths in sales and marketing are as well as where you need the most improvement.     
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 Utilize a live sales skills analysis delivered one on one via video conference. Find out details on where you or your teams strengths in sales and marketing are. Most importanlty, the analysis helps to identify which skills need improvement to take direct action steps to master important skills to close more deals.   

PointOne Sales System

Master the most vital skills needed to accelerate your sales. Our unique approach to get to the top point-one in your industry. 
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This is the fast track to sale success that lasts. Sales events and seminars provide a short term boost in knowledge and motivation that is often lost in the weeks following the event. The 7 week coaching program is customized to maximize sales growth in your industry. Through reading, role playing, and practicing, we instill core competencies that last a lifetime. Don’t wait to become a top producer, take action!

Business Breakthrough Kit

Master all of the vital skills from the 7-week course as well as critical business skills like goal setting, time management, and leadership qualities. 
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Sometimes sales coaching alone isn’t enough to take an entreprenuer to their goals. This program is designed to help business owners, entreprenuers, and sales leaders to where they want to go. Master all of the sales skills learned in the 7 week program as well as timeless skills successful business owners rely on. Learn how to set goals and reach them, take control of your time, and lead your team like the best.

About Me

Head sales coach Michael Lee comes from an extensive background in sales. Starting at 10 years  old with door to door sales from lawn care, he fell in love with selling and has spent every day from that job on working on learning the art of selling.  He has worked in home improvement sales, dealership sales, and business to business selling. Michael closed 3 million dollars worth of business by age 22 and has continued to negotiate deals with large companies. He attends sales seminars nationwide and actively studies new publications to ensure that all sales courses stay relevant with an evolving sales climate and consumer buying practices. He loves the outdoors, his family and networking with like minded entreprenuers. Follow the button below to connect!


Mike did a sales skills analysis with me and it was awesome! In the analysis alone, he brought so many things to my attention that I can be doing better to close the deal! If your paycheck is dependent on your performance, you need to call Mike right away!

We never had a formalized sales training program or methodology at Eastmoor Digital until we started working with PointOne. The short term impact of Mike Lee was to formalize the sales team. With Shape Up Sales, it’s primarily about the people and the amazing things they can really do to help you.

Mike has hosted several sales coaching seminars for my Master Networks business networking group, each of which was compelling, insightful and full of practical information that I’ve since been able to put to very good use in my own sales efforts and strategies. He’s a terrific business resource.

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