Michael Lee

Sales Coach
Everybody is in sales. If you don’t actually sell a product or service, you probably sell ideas and solutions. The wealthiest people who have ever lived knew how to sell themselves and their ideas better than anyone else. 

My Story

I have been in sales ever since I truly understood the concept of money. I was around 10 years old when I realized I needed more money to buy the things that I wanted. It was easy to decide that I would start mowing lawns and pulling weeds in the neighborhood to earn some cash. The only problem was, I didn’t have any clients. Naturally, I set out door to door in the surrounding streets trying to talk my way into a sale. I had no idea at the time that I was selling, I just knew that my paycheck was behind each one of those doors and I wanted to get it. Since that day I have had jobs selling in dealerships, in-home selling, more D2D sales, government contracts, tons of business to business sales, and even pizza. I finally decided to combine my love for sales with my passion for teaching and started helping others find success in their sales careers. Since then I have helped countless numbers of business people in a variety of industries grow their business and income to levels they would have never thought possible. 

My Values & Beliefs

Attitude is greater than ability

It is impossible to coach someone who doesn’t care. You cannot motivate someone who refuses to listen. Anyone can be coached into a great sales person if they have the right attitude. Skills can be learned but attitude comes from within.

Take action and don't wait.

I believe in taking action on the things you want in your life. The timing to follow your dreams will likely never be perfect, so why wait. If you truly want something, it is better to try and fail, than to never start. 

Honesty and Integrity always win in the end.

Your family, friends, and customers know if you lie, or they eventually find out. Honesty is a requirement for any business or relationship to last long-term. 

My Approach

I believe in using a multi-faceted learning model that is suitable for all learning types and leads to a higher retention of information. By combining reading material, open discussion, and role playing, our clients master skills that they are able to use in their career. Using real-life objections and selling situations in role-playing, our cusomters get to practice skills that can be implemented immeadiatly. 

Featured Publications

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