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Frequently Asked

Does sales coaching really work?

Coaching/training is life changing if you embrace the methods and put them into action. You have to take the knew information and put into real-life use. If you are ready for a big change and adopt the process and techniques, sales coaching will take you to new levels. 

Is coaching worth the money?

On average, our clients recoup their investment by the halfway point in the course. Think about what your income could be with more closed deals per year. How much is that additional annual income worth to you. The information in this course is yours for a lifetime. You can continue to use it for as long as you would like. Its not only worth the money, its an investment in yourself that will continue to pay you dividends as long as you want. There is NO better ROI for a sales person than training.  

After I purchase online, how long until we get started?

After you make a purchase online, someone from our scheduling team will reach out to you to discuss and schedule a start day that works best for you. On average, our customers begin their first session within ten days. 

Will sales coaching work in my field or position?

If you hold any position that is responsible for attracting new customers to your business, then this course is right for you. Whether you sell houses, equipment, software, life insurance, or event space, our methods and techniques are relevant. If you could earn yourself or your company more money by closing an additional sale TODAY, send us a message right now. 

How can I contact PointOne?

You can reach us by filling out the “Send a Message” form directly on this page or call/text customer service  at 302.319.4722. 

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