Training and Technology

For Sustainable Sales and Marketing


Automation Setup for Sales and Marketing Growth

We’ll setup cloud-based automations that integrate with your software to work 24/7 for YOU.

One on One Training

Work through a proven system to achieve success in sales. 

Monthly Training

Keep your team sharp and motivated with reoccuring monthly sales training. 

Business Development

Breakthrough you ceiling with a  start to finish action plan.  

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Are you ready to join the ranks of the top 10% of sales performers?

Are you struggling to keep your pipeline full of qualified leads? Are your presentations boring or unpersuasive? Do you fail to close deals that other salespeople close after you? You can’t read a label from inside the bottle. The best sales people in the world understand that to be the best, you must always continue learning and practicing. Sales coaching is how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths that seperate you from the average. 

What Is Sales Skills Development?

Personalized training for your industry.

Practice real life sales skills tailored to your industry. Sales skills start with your mindset. We develop attitudes and mental frames that unlock potential and align with high achievers. Skill development uses a combination of reading, discussing, and practicing proven concepts backed by research. 

Learn important skills that top performers utilize.

The top producers in your field did not get there overnight. That have identified key skills that help them produce results. We teach the psychology behind sales. “How to get someone else to think your idea is actually theirs?” or “How can I influence a ‘big-shot’ that thinks they 

Stay up to date with new sales technology and techniques.

Not everyone has the time to read every new sales book or attend sales confrences over the country, but we do. PointOne stays up to date with current buying trends to tailor a modern sales approach so you can stay ahead of your competition. 

Value over price selling.

Are your prices higher than your competitors? If the answer is yes, than you may be familar with price objections. PointOne utilizes a sales process that takes the focus away from price and shifts the focus to value. Sell your products and services at higher prices than you ever thought imaginable. 

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Sales development training is not just for your “standard salesperson” nor is it only for new or struggling agents. Sales training is tailored to your experience level to maximize the results you can achieve. If your paycheck or revenue is dependant at all on your ability to identify new potential customers, display your value, and exchange money for a good or service than sales coaching can help you grow.  

Real estate agents.

Some real esate agents do not consider themselves to be sales people. Those agents rarely sell as many houses as agents who follow a sales process to keep their closings consistant. Agents are sales people at the very core. Our process teaches agents of all experience levels proven techniques to earn more referalls that lead to sales and listings. You will deliver compelling presentations on both sides of a sale and overcome objections and stalls that are common in real estate transactions. 

Contractors and construction.

Even plumbers and bathroom remodelers are sales people. Whether your contracting company has a staffed sales team or its just you, sales coaching can help. If you are tasked with finding leads, meeting with them to display your company’s value over anothers, and closing a deal, you are a sales person. PointOne can help you identify new lead sources and master in-home and commercial closing skills. 

Business to business.

Its no secret that B2B sales makes up some of the highest priced sales agreements in our economy. Competition is fierce and stakes are high. Our models focus on lead generation, solution based selling, and high level negotiating. Knowledge is power and coaching is the edge that can help you beat you competition. 

Financial Services and Insurance.

In our modern market, it can be difficult to sell financial products with razor thin margins. Customers are leaving firms daily to save a few dollars a month. PointOne works one on one with financinal agents to practice cold calling scripts, discover networking opportunities, and how to increase customer loyalty. 

Other Products and Services.

There are hundreds of industries that employ sales people and each on is different than the next. Our core models work in every field, for every person. We customize our training to meet each customers need but the core competencies are the heart of our programs and work in every field. No matter your position or title,  if you have a responsibility to bring in more customers to your business, we can help.  

Our Approach

PointOne takes a more personal approach than other online learning options. You won’t be watching hours of pre-recorded videos or talking to a call center. We tailor our core training approach to work on your specific goals and road blocks. Our sessions are live and 1 on 1 so we can learn, practice, and grow together.

There is no “one size fits all” for sales and marketing development. We want to talk with you directly and help overcome the obstacles you or your team faces in sales. Check out our most popular options below or schedule a call with us.

Getting Started

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Review Options

Read the descriptions below to determine what approach fits best.  Schedule a call or send us a message for more information on which plan might be best for you. 

Free Resources

Get emailed instant access to  our free growth-hack deck and get updates including future growth resources for free. 

Sales and Marketing Automation

We will discuss you unique needs and goals and develop a series of cloud-based automation sequences to run your business 24/7. We can create custom sales funnels, capture leads and engage with them, run every social platform daily, and much more. 

More Details

We custom built each sequence to integrate with the software platforms you are already using. We can link contact forms to CRM’s to email sequences or design a custom scraping tool fed by a valuable RSS feed that delivers fresh prospects to your email each morning. If you can think it, we can build it. 

PointOne Sales System


Live one on one training to master core sales skills in just seven weeks. Learn how to generate leads with referrals, networking, and online. We will work together closely to develop a persuasive presentation and other communications skills based on research in human psychology and neuroscience. 


More Details

This course is your fastest way to start performing the way you want. You will learn and practice skills that have helped clients close hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in a variety of industries. 

Business Breakthrough Kit

An intensive one on one strategic plan for business owners that are looking for the next level. Our clients range from small business startups to large multi-million dollar companies. We custom tailor each plan together to maximize growth through execution. If you are looking for a “motivation coach”, this is NOT for you. New Breakthrough Kit clients are only accepted by application.  

More Details

Do you own or operate a successful business that isn’t growing as quickly as it once was? Our Breakthrough Kit is for serious entrepreneurs that need to break that ceiling. Working together closely, we start by diving deep into the fundamentals (where are we ultimately going, why, etc?) to form the backbone for each next move. We’ll move onto an intense internal and external analysis of your organization to start the planning process. Each step in the sequence is carefully designed to create growth and sustainability. Through the steps we will work on your employee structure, operations and processes, critical growth areas, marketing plan, and finally a sales plan and training. To maintain the level of achievement our clients have obtained, we are not able to accept everyone into this program. Due to the level of intensity and committment required for completion,  New Breakthrough Kit clients are accepted only by application.

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