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 If you need your team to blow the doors off of their sales quotas, he’s the guy to call. 

Mike should be the first person you speak to. He will get you up and running!

Alan Kovitz

Elevations Unlimited

We never had a formalized sales training program or methodology at Eastmoor Digital until we started working with PointOne. The short term impact of Mike Lee was to formalize the sales team. With PointOne, it’s primarily about the people and the amazing things they can really do to help you.

Joel Margavage

Eastmoor Digital

Mike is very knowledgeable and professional. I have been in numerous trainings that he has offered and I have always found them to be extremely valuable.

G.R. Myers

Myers Realty

Stop Waiting To Take Control


✔ Offer Irrisitible value to your perfect target customer.

✔ Get more action on your website, funnel, and ads.

✔ Sell like professional and get more wins.

✔Scale your business to unkown levels.