What would you do, if you were actively searching for a new insurance company, and a  close family member or friend called you and told you that he just found a company that gave them in incredible rate and was great to deal with. Would you call the company?

One of the biggest untapped power houses in selling is the warm-up. People don’t like to be sold to, but they love to buy. That is why your role in sales should be the “assistant buyer”. If they like and trust you they will buy from you because they know you have their best interest at heart. If you are trying to get a customer to buy from you for personal reasons, then you are manipulating them and should stop. We take advice and buy from people we know and people we trust because we know they will take good care of us.

So what if us sales people were able to form these types of relationships with our potential clients. YOU CAN! This is where the warm-up stage should come into play. It should be very early in your sales process so you can form this relationship early in the sale.

I have talked with many sales people that told me they have trouble presenting and closing, where we found out that the real problem was there warm-up. Few salespeople actually realize how well they are or aren’t warming up. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to get someone to listen to you and even buy from you when they don’t like you. The problem is not in your closing skills, its in the warm-up that so many people overlook.

So how do you warm-up? 

How you warm-up with someone will change from person to person. As simple as it sounds…talk about anything any everything except what you are selling. Look for signs you can talk about. If you are selling in there house, look for bumper stickers, fishing rods outside, do they have pets, do they have children. People love to talk about themselves and if you look, you will almost always find a similarity to talk about. The same goes for selling in your business or theirs, ask about their work, what they did over the weekend, why the work where they work, the possibilities are endless. You just need to start building on a common interest and get to know each other.

This is only the start though. Now you have a foot in the door, you must keep building on more common interests and building your relationships. You must trust each other and you must truly want to help your client.

The warm-up is the true key to making the sales. For more information on developing a powerful warm-up and following through with a sales process that wins deals.

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